Saturday, March 26, 2011

keep on keepin' on

So I've been wanting to start this up for a while now...and this dreary Saturday morning seems like the perfect time! I'm at home "overseeing" the repair work being done at the homestead (instead of my usual - crunching numbers, bean know, doing tax returns, on a Saturday morning) because B-Dub had some lawyer-in-training commitments this morning and wasn't able to assume his normal man of the house duties.  So I'm taking full advantage of my time away from my desk at work....
this has been our life for two weeks now...I'm so behind on my shows

I've been thinking about getting this started for a while now - mainly to stay better connected and in-touch with family and friends while we're living out in the m-i-crooked letter-crooked letter...but also I've realized how I miss being able to bounce around ideas and share everyday experiences with everyone.  When you're away from all your "peeps" the typical phone conversations tend to be more about the big stuff and less about the little stuff.  So this is going to be my attempt to get some of that out there to y'all and hopefully get some feedback here and there about all your little stuff, too!

Oh, and why koko? koko is a little acronym Brysky and I coined way back in our good ole college days.  It stands for keep on, keepin' on so this is me....keepin' on.  I hope you'll follow!