Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A is for Apple

Someone in our house is a cool, hip Mac user now....

You going vegetarian now, too, B-Dub??

P.S.  Thanks again to our sweet family that donated to the "let's do something crazy nice for BWC fund" and 
made this possible.  Muchas Gracias!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When in Oxford...

We are pretty good at keeping the roads hot.  I'd say at least one or two weekends every month we are traveling.  This is what it looks like when we actually get a weekend in Oxford town...

Bottletree Iced Lattes. Check.

 some cooking is attempted - peach crumble (easy recipe to use up some peaches, courtesy of GP)

new hangouts are discovered

 p.s.  ever seen a yellow flesh watermelon??  this was my first...tastes the same.

Friday, August 5, 2011

EOS (end of summer)

Summer is drawing to a close and I'm soooooo happy about that.  Yes, there are always some fun things to do during the summer but it's just not my favorite.  I could really do without the sticky heat.  When I step out at lunch, I often wonder why I even bothered to shower.  On top of the heat, I've pretty much been alone all summer (poor pitiful me) so I'm excited to see everyone rolling back into town!  B-Dub will be back on Sunday, I think/hope. He is headed to N'Awlins for Brysky's bachelor party this afternoon...

Clifford, the fish, left me last Sunday.  Yes, he made it through the summer!  He is back in the classroom...the local schools have started back, which means I have friends back in town!  Hallelujah!

You know I was concerned about whether or not my lollipop daisies were going to come back this year.  They were "alive" but not blooming.  Well, look who came back to see us!

And this pot of "stuff" came back, too!  
(Yeah, I don't even remember the name of some it....but hey it's alive so I'm learning right!?)

I'm pretty impressed with myself.

Happy EOS, everyone!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

whirlwind wrap up - part 2

A weekend in Jesup for my 10 year class reunion....hard to believe this was really that long ago. 

 Ok, so back to being in Jesup:
Maley ran errands with me on Friday...took some self-portraits along the way
We had to get KK to advise on which shears would be best for cutting the sunflowers (stay tuned)
Ladybug - in shoe heaven apparently
Pool Party Pre-Party @ Tim's

Well, more like a party where people unwillingly got thrown into the pool (like Ginny here, with her cute cowboy boots on)

sunflower picking took place bright and early the next morning

ants, "stickers" and dirt, oh my.  can I make it out alive?

All of the hard work paid off - sunflowers worked out great! This was mainly KK's hard work I'll admit.

Mrs. Lisa's awesome cheese "ball"

A good time was had by all. The End.