Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gobble, Gobble

Thanksgiving at the Coles!

kinda convenient that our anniversary is just before t-ving ;)

turkey prep

 turkey done

 Adria checkin' on all of our goodness in the oven
 too many cooks in the kitchen?

turkey carvin'

the cooks and their spread 

I'm grateful for our "Oxford family" and all the fun times 
we've shared over the past 3 years. Tear!

Grovin' with the Girls

Mama and Magen brought the girls out to see us last weekend.  We took them out to the Grove for the Ole Miss/LSU game.  Here are some shots from the weekend.

First time flying....Chael, Chael did not like it.

 Their "go-to" guy...hmm, I wonder why? 

 Hangin' with Colonel Reb

 Maley got to experience her first college football game

Unfortunately, our team didn't fare so well...

But a good time was had by all!  It was quite depressing
when our house went silent again on Monday. :(