Friday, June 3, 2011

Tour de Georgia

Our trip to Georgia (in photos):

Day One: lunch with the nieces at BK...

my little cousins Carlie and Keri graduate from WCHS.  These two were such a part 
of my high school days. They were my little sidekicks and my biggest supporters. :) It makes 
me very nostalgic but I was so glad to be able to see them graduate 10 years (I'm old!) later!

Day Three:  Cruisin' in my "rental" car from Dixie Auto Salvage. Who really needs a mirror?

Day 8ish:  Mae Mae's Dance Recital

 {tap routine to Flintstones - Maley behind Fred}

{cousin Cooper is so proud and can't wait to get a trophy like this of her own!}

{B-Dub saved the day and went and got the flowers we all forgot}

 Next Day:  Ladybug said she'd drive me back to Mississippi

KK shows off her green thumb

Farmer KK has a pretty impressive spread 
(of course let's give credit, where credit is due - Chipper did a lot of the "ground work")

We finally get on the road....blowout 5 miles into our trip.
{Yes we are towing another car behind us and this was after 
B-Dub and R-Dub had already spent 5 hours trying to get the vehicles ready 
to go.  Let's just say this was the straw that broke B-Dub's back.
Chipper came to assist and we waited until the next morning to leave.}

Next Day:  We finally make it to Gainesville to spend a couple days with friends on Lake Lanier.
{Does anyone have a cold Miller Lite?}

Day 11: Home Sweet Home and the plants survived! I think my neighbors
may have took pity and quenched their thirst a couple of times...

Well, just some typical times - unfortunately there are some other great parts of our trip that I didn't get on camera.  It was so good to catch up and spend some quality time with good friends and most all of our family

P.S. I'm already back in Georgia...flew back down last night for another brief stint. Charleston bound in the morning for a Bachelorette Celebration! I'll be riding shotgun with Bessie to most likely witness Sarah's most dramatic night yet :) 

{us-just a few (11!?) years ago}

Stay tuned for more typical times...

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