Friday, December 30, 2011

December Recap

Ok, so the blog has definitely been neglected lately.  I will make sure to 
add "Better Maintain the Blog" to my new year's resolutions....

Here's a little recap of the past month to catch us up.

 a little snow in Oxford...but no "snow day" so it doesn't count

 driving to work in the snow...

 a little "Dub" was born....Wesley Trae Joyner!

 Congrats, Katie and Greg!!

 Holiday Party Hosting
we filled stockings for our law "partners" to have while they studied for finals
Holiday Baking

Brent even helped...and I made him listen to Justin Bieber's Christmas album while we baked.

I hope your Christmas was this messy, crazy, fun, exciting and full of love! :)

Catch ya next year!

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