Monday, May 9, 2011

oxford town

For those of you that have visited us out here, I'm sure you can see why we chose this place.  It really is a fun, interesting little place.  A lot of folks say it's like Athens about 20 years ago....and you know we love Athens. :)  It's got all the same features - historic downtown area chock-full of little shops and awesome restuarants, plus all the artsy fartsy stuff that makes for a cool, eclectic town!  A few weeks ago, one of the blogs I follow very randomly posted this "city guide" for Oxford.  Check it out! For those of you that haven't been to visit us yet, maybe this will inspire you to make the trek across 2 states! For those of you that have made the trek, maybe it'll inspire ya to come back!

Link to "the guide" - Oxford, MS

there are fun {free} things to do like this concert in The Grove....

or hang out with B-Dub in his Snuggie....

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