Thursday, April 28, 2011

b-day mail

It's normal to receive mail addressed to your 2 year old nickname, right?!

This photo was taken "polaroid style" in honor of the sender himself.  Those who know Papa Roger, know he loves some polaroids (and disposable cameras)...who wants to mess with one of those complicated digital things?
My namesake great-grandmother, Willa Bell, was really called Willie Bell by her father and so this nickname was born.  Amelia Willa aka Sweet Willie aka Milly...I'll stop here...I have a lot of nicknames but I'll spare you!  This one is just particularly "sweet" and worth sharing.

P.S. The day after I wrote this post, I kid you not, we received a save-the-date card addressed to Brent & Mildawg Cole. Normal.

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