Tuesday, August 2, 2011

whirlwind wrap up - part 2

A weekend in Jesup for my 10 year class reunion....hard to believe this was really that long ago. 

 Ok, so back to being in Jesup:
Maley ran errands with me on Friday...took some self-portraits along the way
We had to get KK to advise on which shears would be best for cutting the sunflowers (stay tuned)
Ladybug - in shoe heaven apparently
Pool Party Pre-Party @ Tim's

Well, more like a party where people unwillingly got thrown into the pool (like Ginny here, with her cute cowboy boots on)

sunflower picking took place bright and early the next morning

ants, "stickers" and dirt, oh my.  can I make it out alive?

All of the hard work paid off - sunflowers worked out great! This was mainly KK's hard work I'll admit.

Mrs. Lisa's awesome cheese "ball"

A good time was had by all. The End.

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