Sunday, April 17, 2011

smoothie kick

we have been on a smoothie kick around here lately.  back in january, i did the tracy anderson 30-day method and a lot of the recipes on the meal plan called for breaking out the ol' blender.  b-dub was ever so nice and helped me out a lot with all the food/meal prep.  anyway, i think once we had the blender dusted off and saw how easy it was to make something so super delicious and so super healthy, we were hooked!  

this is a recipe we have tried (and love!) that is awesome for sneaking in some healthy greens.  i promise you do not even taste the spinach! 

{image via one charming party}

also, wally world has this new "blend and go" mini blender that is so convenient!  we got one last week and we really like it so far.  it makes the whole process even easier since you don't have to worry with washing out the blender, making a mess pouring your smoothie, etc. love it! but the ol' standard blender works just fine, too! y'all give it a try!

{oster my blend personal blender}

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