Tuesday, April 5, 2011


i'm not getting off to a very good start here...but bear with me, i'm buried under tax returns!  once i dig my way out, i hope to be able to post more frequently...

tulips are blooming all around town right now and i can't help but be a little envious....because of the lack of "life" around our place and because i have no spare time to enjoy early spring activities such as tending to flowers and plants.  i guess i should have thought about this last fall when these little bulbs needed to go in the ground. why didn't i plan ahead and have some of these popping up to say hello to me when i pull into my drive?

however, i did sucessfully "winter" my lollipop gerbera daisies.  well, i kept them alive. now i just have to get them to bloom again....this is them in their prime last summer...

aren't they pretty?  i LOVE the color.  anyway, the repairs are done in our house but neither of us have had any time to actually put the house back together and there is this stubborn, obnoxious "dust" all over the place now (from the sheetrock or something??) and it just moves around when you try to sweep/dust. fun! i'm so ready to breathe some life back into the homestead once april 15th gets here. i did see it's fern selling time at kroger so maybe i'll go ahead and buy my two for this year and get them up on the front porch.  quick fix for the meantime!

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