Thursday, April 28, 2011


Sorry for my hiatus! I've had several complaints from you followers and I apologize. :) Life outside of work came knocking right after the tax deadline and I haven't slowed down since! I celebrated my 28th birthday - thanks for all the calls, emails, texts, etc!  I somewhat got our house back in living/working condition.  I made the long journey home over Easter weekend to see some cute egg-hunting-munchkins and make a car swap with RWC.  I got home Monday night and it started storming and hailing 30 minutes later.  I'm sure you've heard about the big storm that swept the South by now, right?!? Tornado sirens started sounding Tuesday evening while I was in Kroger doing some grocery shopping. I waited until they went off and made the quick drive to our house.  We woke up several times that night to bad thunder.  The next morning, as I was getting ready for work, they issued another Tornado Warning.  I waited this one out in the downstairs bathroom.  I finally hopped in the car and hurried to work about 10 am once the Warning had been lifted.  As I'm gathering my purse for my lunch break around 12:30ish the sirens start sounding again and we learn another Tornado Warning has been issued until 2 pm.  My co-workers and I wait this one out in the basement floor of the office next door.  Just before 2, a tornado touched down southeast of town, making a path only a few miles from our house!  My co-worker's good friend lost their home (click on the link below for photos).  Devastating.  Thankfully, we "weathered" the storm ok...B-Dub was at school each time, by the way.

Photos of the damage: click here

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